Let Off

(למי שאין כוח לדיכאונות שיעבור לפוסט הקודם. זה רק כדי להרשים את עצמי :)
(אולי בקרוב גם הקלטה די מזעזעת של זה)

Let Off (30.10.04)
Being let off second time today
Maybe down I'll go and think a way
Static of a noise so far it hurts
My ears
Someone should've come and catch my toss

It's still not you
I wish it would be
So more then once we'll find a thing belong to us
And never again will turn to dust

Wave of slaps to crush my brain to peace
Or is it war to fight the way I fear
It's your cause, it's your mouth, it's your own
I just happens to be in the way

I'm well aware it's still not me
Wishing it would be
So more then once I'll rest knowing I belong
Like never before. Won't be too much.

The way you want
Do it
And see if I care
Cry it
Hear if I care
Shove it
Feel if I care

Why won't you try dominating?
Dare once when I'm not looking?
Speak to me when I'm just waiting?
Catch us when we are falling?

it's history in the making
it's our story breaking
I'll cut and prove it's aching…

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